EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Judge- I’m Prepared To Head To The Hospital


            Typically at this time of year, Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge would be preparing to film, but she has been dealing with a very personal family issue where she may need to head to the hospital at any moment. What’s going on?             As fans of Tamra may recall, Tamra recently threw a baby shower for daughter-in-law Sarah Vieth who is currently pregnant. Sarah, along with Tamra’s son Ryan, are expecting a baby girl named Ava. However, things have taken a scary turn recently. What’s going on?

“Sarah keeps going into premature labor,” Tamra exclusively tells us. “She is only 34 weeks along in her pregnancy.”

Would baby Ava be okay if she was born now? “She would be,” Tamra tells us. “But if the baby was born now, she would need to stay in the hospital for a while. Sarah keeps having contractions and going to the hospital, and the doctors keep stopping them.”

“They are giving Sarah shots of steroids to help develop the baby’s lungs,” Tamra continued.

Tamra shared a photo of Sarah in the hospital on Sarah’s behalf:


For reference, a baby born at 34 weeks would only weigh about 4 ¾ pounds and don’t always have fully developed nervous systems/lungs. This is why Sarah is getting the shots of steroids. As long as the lungs are developed, baby Ava would be fine.

Tamra wrapped up with telling us, “I am so excited for baby Ava to come, and know that when she arrives it will be the right time. I am continuing to pray for her to just arrive healthy.”

We are too, Tamra, and will be keeping you and Sarah in our thoughts and prayers. We also are wondering if this will be filmed for the upcoming season (Note- when we asked Tamra this, she said she was not allowed to comment on things related to production).

Tamra also recently claimed her forthcoming granddaughter can call her whatever she wants, be it Grandma or Tam-ma!