James J. Leonard Jr. – Teresa’s Singular Focus Is On Her Four Daughters


Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice’s current lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., released a statement this morning shortly after Teresa turned herself in. In the statement, he addressed Teresa’s mood and what she has been most concerned with/about. What did he say?

On her mood, he claimed that it was, “Very, very strong. Very, what I would say is, very anxious to get this thing started and very anxious to get it behind her.”

He continued, addressing what her main concern has been, stating that, “In all of my discussions with her, her singular focus has been on her four children. She’s never talked about, what is this gonna be like for me. Always her concern is with her children, not with herself.”

It’s nice to hear how worried Teresa is for her children. Our thoughts are definitely with them during this tough time.

Prior to surrendering, Teresa went to Church with her family yesterday morning.