BREAKING NEWS: Teresa Has Surrendered and Entered Prison


This is an extremely sad and trying day for Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice and her family, as Teresa has surrendered and entered prison as of 3 AM this morning. Read on for details.

According to a statement released by Teresa’s lawyer, “She was ready. Teresa is a very strong woman, she won’t have any problems in there.”

On New Year’s Eve, there was allegedly a series of phone calls where the time Teresa would enter was figured out. She left her house slightly after midnight and headed to the prison, which is located in Danbury, Connecticut. Her lawyer claimed, “When we arrived at Danbury, everyone we encountered was extremely courteous and respectful.” has some photos of the car that took her here. While you can’t see her, you can see her lawyer driving the vehicle.

We wish Teresa and her family comfort and peace during this trying time.

We’re sure we will see some stories about her time behind bars, thought they may contradict one another, as Teresa and Joe were recently exposed in an alleged story selling ring.