What’s On The Commissary List In Danbury?


TMZ got their hands on the commissary list at the Danbury, Connecticut prison where Teresa turned herself in this morning. What is on the list? 

According to TMZ, Teresa will be able to purchase:
— Hummus and macaroons
— Albacore tuna
— Cilantro cubes
— Louisiana hot sauce
— Deli meat
— Oreos
— Dove bars
— Wild berry frozen yogurt
— Make Up
— Zit Cream
— MP3 Players With Skull Candy Ear Buds
— Charmin Toilet Paper
— Fragrance Oils

In addition, TMZ is reporting Teresa will be able to spend $320/week, which is more than an entire family is typically allotted. Also, her family will be able to put unlimited funds in her account.

We personally don’t think the list looks terrible.

What do YOU think? Let us know.