How Was Teresa’s First Day In Prison?


Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice began her prison sentence yesterday, and has exclusive details on her first day there. What did they find out? According to a source, “As Teresa was fingerprinted and had her picture taken for her identification badge and mug shot, the reality set in that this was going to be her life for the next 15 months. Nothing could prepare Teresa for that moment until it actually happened.”

The source continued, stating that, “Teresa was extremely professional and didn’t cry. She was determined not to look weak in front of anyone.”

The source also commented on the staff at the prison, detailing how they were professional and that, “She didn’t get any special treatment, but wasn’t singled out because of any celebrity status. She was very grateful for that.”

Finally, the source told them what Teresa’s biggest concern was. They said, “The biggest concern Teresa had was being able to call the girls before they went to sleep. Before beginning her prison sentence, all of the arrangements were made for phone privileges, including sending in money to pay for the calls. The calls are actually very expensive and phone privileges can be revoked if a problem with an inmate arises.”

We think this is even more evidence of how much of a great Mom Teresa is and how much she really cares for her girls. They are definitely in our thoughts.