Who Does Teresa Blame For Her Prison Sentence?


Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice is allegedly pointing the blame at some people for the fact that she ended up in prison- and, surprisingly, it’s not her husband, Joe. Who is it then? Radar Online has the answer in a new exclusive. According to a source that spoke to Radar, “Teresa is blaming everyone but her husband for her having to go to prison. Specifically, this includes Melissa and Joe!”

Why would she blame Melissa and Joe? “She thinks they made her look like a bad character [on the show] and that ultimately is why she had to go to jail. What Teresa doesn’t realize is that she made herself look bad in terms of how she dealt with the charges.”

The source continued, stating that, “She was the one who tried to make Melissa look bad by painting her as a cheater, a stripper, and a gold digger. Basically, Teresa tried to do anything she could with Melissa to deflect negative attention away from herself. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.”

The source wrapped up with telling Radar, “She blames other members of the cast [for her downfall] as well, but has been very adamant that her husband is not to blame. It’s sad that she can’t take accountability even at this stage in the game.”

This is truly crazy and the fact that she would place blame on them makes no sense to us.

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