A Cooler of Hearts and A Cowgirl Outfit?!: Episode 1 of the Bachelor

Monday night was the season premiere of the Bachelor and did it ever have some shocking and interesting moments!


This is the first season where I have seen the contestants really make their entrances beyond creative. Between the karaoke singing, the cowgirl outfit, the secret admirer note, whiskey shots, a cooler with a fake heart inside, and motorcycle entrance there was a unique entrance from every limo. These girls really stepped up their game this season to win Chris’ heart.

Speaking of the limo entrances, did the first 15 women really think they were it for Chris? When the next 15 arrived, the girls could not have been colder to their new housemates. They formed a clique of the first 15 women vs. the second 15 women.

Starting with the obvious from last night’s premier, did Chris really give Drunk Tara a rose? She was wasted and could not hold herself together during the rose ceremony. Expect her to be apologizing for her behavior next week and trying to redeem herself.

Amber, Samantha, Tracy, Nikki, and Jade all received roses but there was little camera time for them. They will probably end up on a group date next week so Chris can get to know them more. I’m not totally surprised that Kimberly went back into the rose ceremony room after being eliminated. She felt like every other girl who was eliminated – confused as to why he would pick Tara over them. I still do not see her weaseling her way back into the game.

bachelor-brittFirst impression rose went to Britt and rightfully so. She seems like a total sweetheart who wants to get to know Chris. Did you see the kiss after she accepted the busted rose that was falling apart? That was not just some ordinary kiss. My second choice would have been Whitney if he could have given a second rose. Whitney has a charming personality and did not need any fancy introduction to meet Chris for the first time.

Chris needs to watch out for Kaitlyn and Jillian. Both of them have strong personalities and want to be sure they are seen and get to know Chris really well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick around for a while or if they are the troublemakers this season.

Bring it on episode 2! I’m ready for ya! What did you think of the first episode?

By: Tanya Martell (@Tssper)