Bachelorette’s Andi and Josh Break Up

Before the premiere of The Bachelor this past Monday, ABC decided to do, for the first time ever, a live red carpet event.  At this event, we caught up with some of our favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette couples.  Sean and Catherine are still going strong.  In a couple weeks, Desiree and Chris will become the next hitched couple.  However, the most interesting one was the Bachelorette from last season, Andi, and her now former fiance, Josh. Today news comes that their happiness was a facade and that they’re breaking up.


Chris interviewed Andi and Josh, and they seemed to be a great couple.  They stood close to each other the entire time, with Andi keeping her left arm around him the entire interview.  Nothing seemed to indicate that they were about to break up, with one possible exception – Chris asked about wedding plans, and Andi not just avoided giving any clue of a date, but also said that once wedding planning starts, there’s no turning back.  She goes on further to say that both she and Josh have to be ready to plan, and right now they just wanted to enjoy being engaged.

Bachelor Nation was surprised when Andi chose Chris over Nick. It seemed like all signs were pointing to Nick. After the show, Nick wrote a letter to Andi where he poured his heart out saying if for some reason it didn’t work out with Josh, he would be there for her. He further went on to say that if they gave it their best, there would have a good shot of going all the way (to marriage — not back to the fantasy suite).

I guess Andi has her chance now to see if Nick was the right choice from the start.

By: Tanya Martell (@Tssper)