Why Haven’t Melissa and Joe Gorga Commented On Teresa Going Away?


Many fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are wondering why Melissa and Joe Gorga haven’t commented about Teresa Giudice going to prison. In fact, we personally have seen a LOT of vitriol on social media about this. So why haven’t they commented? An insider spoke to Radar Online and has some information. What did they say?

The source claimed it more or less comes down to
the fact that they STILL don’t have s positive relationship. They detailed how Melissa and Joe
“have repeatedly tried to make things better with Teresa, but she keeps blocking them out of her life.”

The source continued, stating that, “when Teresa was going to court for her sentencing she told them not to come. And then they took the heat for not showing up, even though it was Teresa’s decision!”

The insider had more information on other things Teresa has done to them, explaining, “She was the leading factor in why Joe Gorga’s relationship with his Mother was suffering. Now that Teresa has had her legal issues and is away in prison, he is seeing his mother more often and things are much better.”

The source wrapped up with saying, “Basically, it come down to this: How many times can someone try to repair a relationship before they give up?”

Whoa. Who could truly blame them for not saying anything after this and the reported phone call?

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