Brandi Glanville- Kenya is Evil

On the fourth episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Housewives Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville came head to head and it was heated!2015/01/img_1066.jpg

In the boardroom, Donald Trump asked Brandi her opinion on Kenya, to which she dodged the question by saying, “I think we won!”

When pressed, she replied, “She’s evil. I still think we won.”

Kenya defended herself by saying, “I think it’s consistent with her personality to try to say something like that in the boardroom. Anyone sitting here can attest to the fact that I have been nothing but polite to Brandi.”

Brandi then let out a loud sound of annoyance.

Kenya continued, “I have done nothing but go out of my way to be kind to her… in fact others can probably speak to the fact that Brandi makes underhanded remarks about me consistently to try to push my buttons and I just completely ignore her which is why she has a problem. She’s looking for negative attention!”

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