KISS & TELL: Bachelor’s Chris Soules Dishes on Kisses

Chris Soules, the latest star of The Bachelor, has been busy going on dates- and kissing- many of the ladies. Now he’s dished on those kisses. What has he said?

bachelor kiss

In his People blog, Chris said, “I was shocked when Carly grabbed me… and planted one on me. It was really nice to see her put herself out there.”

When discussing Becca, he wrote, “I also totally supported Becca’s decision not to kiss me. Even though the setting was extremely romantic, and of course I wanted to kiss her, I respected her decision to take things slowly.”

He continued that it all wasn’t so cheery, though. “However, being called out by Machenzie for kissing multiple women was definitely not a high point.”

So has he kissed too many girls? Not according to Chris, whose season premiered to low ratings.

“I know I’ve maybe kissed more girls at this point than the average Bachelor, but I was taking things seriously, and isn’t kissing a huge part of any romantic relationship?”

Do you agree that kissing is important or is Chris taking advantage of his role?