Lisa Vanderpump- Stassi Likes Control


On last night’s Vanderpump Rules, star Stassi Schroeder sat down with Katie Maloney to discuss her going to Miami with Schroeder’s enemy, Scheana Marie, for Scheana’s bachelorette party. Boss of SUR, the restaurant they work in, Lisa Vanderpump, took to her Bravo vlog to dish on Schroeder. What did Vanderpump say?
In her vlog, Vanderpump claimed, “I see Stassi as kind of gobsmacked for a moment. Stassi likes to control everything, and she’s full of it, but then when somebody comes back to her and they really nail her, she doesn’t like it and she kind of backs off. But there’s some truth there, and I think Stassi would be wise listening.”

She continued, stating that, “I want Katie and Stassi to be friends, but I don’t want Katie to have to bow down to Stassi. What she’s really saying is ‘I thought I indoctrinated you, and now I’m upset because you’ve got a mind of your own.’ That’s the truth of the matter.”

Vanderpump is not the only one weighing in on the fight between the two. Maloney outed texts last night between her and Schroeder last night, and Schoreder took to her vlog to discuss how her friendship with Maloney was over.