Stassi Schroeder- ‘Our Friendship Was Over’

Last night on Vanderpump Rules, we saw Stassi Schroeder sit down with Katie Maloney to discuss the state of their friendship. Maloney had recently jetted off to co-worker Scheana Marie‘s bachelorette party in Miami. Marie and Schroeder are not on good terms, and Schroeder claimed she couldn’t understand why her close friend Maloney wouldn’t have told her.

As viewers saw, their conversation did not end on a high note. Schroeder took to her Bravo blog to discuss this. What did she say? 

Schroeder writes, “It’s really hard to watch that. It really makes me sad. I don’t understand where Katie’s anger comes from, because I feel like I was the one on the defensive. Like I didn’t do anything. I sat back, and she decided to change her mind about things and not tell me and embarrass me by not telling me, and what was I supposed to do? I think that both of us knew that at that point our friendship was over.”

This blog comes fresh on the heels of Maloney outing texts detailing her attempts to reach out to Schroeder and Marie claiming that by Maloney coming to Miami,  Maloney was finally free of Schroeder’s control. 

What do you think? Whose side are you on? Let us know!