Teresa’s Prison Days- Working Out, But Missing Her Girls


Fans wondering how 42-year-old star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice is spending her days while in prison now have some details aside from a recent report that claimed she was skeeving out her fellow inmates. RadarOnline.com recently spoke to a source who has been emailing with Giudice, and they had some positive things to share.Fans worried about how her spirits are need not stress out, as the source explained that, “She’s doing great. People are being very nice to her.” This is a relief to hear, as the Jersey starlet had initially been scared to death when she began her sentence.

How does Giudice pass the time behind bars? “She’s been busy working out,” the insider dished. Fans of the show know that she has always been in great shape and a workout enthusiast, so it’s wonderful to see her losing no steam while in prison.

It isn’t all roses for Giudice in the slammer, though, as the source wrapped with saying, “Teresa really misses her girls.” We can only begin to imagine how hard this would be.

Luckily for Giudice, her daughter, Gia, has stepped up to the plate and is assisting with the parenting of Giudice’s other children at home while Giudice is away.

Regardless, though, nothing can replace a Mom, and we’re sure both Giudice and her girls cannot wait for her to return home and all of this to be a thing of the past.