Teresa’s Daughters To Attend Behind Bars Mommy and Me Tea!


Teresa Giudice, 42, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is currently serving her 13-month prison sentence in Danbury, Connecticut. She recently received a visit from her daughters and husband this past weekend, but it looks like she can look forward to more visits- and even some exciting events in the future! The prison- better known as a camp- that she is currently an inmate of, hosts a Mommy and Me Tea! A representative from the prison spoke to Radar Online about this tea and other events Giudice could participate in with her daughters while behind bars. What did they say? 

According to the representative, “There will be another tea. We are not sure when, but they are looking to have another one.”

In addition, the claimed that, “It’s a new thing, but they are looking to have other programs like this.”

Prior to being allowed to participate in the event, Giudice would have to take parenting classes and lessons on personal development, according to the prison’s website, which recently showcased the first Mommy and Me Tea. During the tea, the inmates all wore white gloves and their daughters were able to wear tiaras while they sat around tables that were decorated with fake pearls and teapots. There also was a speech by the prison’s warden that spoke to how important the relationship between mother and daughter was. Finally, the inmates were able to present their daughters with handmade gifts they made while in prison.

The tiaras alone sound like something that would be right up Giudice’s alley, as she loved dressing up her daughters both on and off the show.

The tea would definitely also give Giudice something to look forward to, as though she’s been adjusting to prison life and working out a ton, she misses her girls deeply. 

What do you think about this tea? Do you think Teresa should participate in this tea if given the opportunity to? Let us know!