Yolanda Foster Trying Controversial Treatment For Disease That Has ‘Ravaged Her Brain’


Sadly, 51-year-old Yolanda Foster is currently unable to read, write, or watch television due to a relapse in her Lyme’s disease. A new article on RadarOnline.com details a controversial, expensive treatment that Foster is undergoing to cope with her Lyme’s, which she previously claimed allows her to only feel 70% healthy on a good day. Want details on the alternative treatment she is trying? 

According to a source who spoke to Radar, Foster “accompanied David to Singapore as he films Asia’s Got Talent, and she is receiving medical treatment while there. The medications aren’t approved by the FDA in the United States yet.”

Detailing how expensive it is, the insider claimed that, “David has vowed to spend whatever is needed to get her cured. The treatment outside of the United States isn’t covered by insurance, and it’s very expensive. Luckily, they can afford it.”

The source also detailed some of what Foster is going through with her battle with Lyme’s, stating that, “Yolanda’s short term memory has indeed suffered. It’s extremely hard for David watch Yolanda try to struggle to find a word, or recall something from the recent past. Lyme disease has just ravaged her brain.”

They wrapped with stating that, “On the outside, Yolanda looks perfectly healthy, but once she starts to talk, it’s obvious that she is truly suffering. The only positive that has come out of this is Yolanda and David have grown even closer.”

We are praying for Foster and hope that this treatment works, and that she can soon return to being her spunky, dramatic self, like when she claimed co-stars Kyle Richards and Kim Richards were insecure and jealous.