EXCLUSIVE: Amber Marchese- It Would Be Fun For Danielle Staub To Return


Fresh on the heels of the news that Danielle Staub is trying to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we bring you an exclusive conversation with Amber Marchese where she shares her thoughts on Staub returning to the show.  What did Marchese have to say? 

On Staub, Marchese told us, “Even though we’ve never filmed together, it is a bonding moment. We both have war wounds of the show. No one understands how hard it is. There is a bond there among cast members because of their shared experience that no one else will understand unless you go through it.”

Amber also claimed she is open to filming with Danielle if the opportunity arises and she told Danielle it would be “fun for her to return.”

Marchese expanded on this, telling us that, “She’s controversial, she’s outspoken, and she is very interesting. If everyone was one size fits all on this show, the show would be boring. The show is about the dynamics about different individuals and different personalities. This is not the Teresa show. This is not the Melissa show. This is not the Amber show. This is not the Jim show. This is The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We have to have a little spice. A little spice goes with everything.”

Does Marchese think Staub returning to the show would be good for it? On this, Marchese informed us that, “I don’t know who would be good for the show or who wouldn’t be good for the show. What I do now is that not filming the show is worse. I would much rather be filming with Danielle- who, by the way, is an original cast member. That should speak to her place in the show. She has a huge following. There’s people requesting and begging for her back.”

She wrapped up with telling us that, “It’s not my place to decide who would be good or not good for the show. I’m not the network. I do have suspicions on who would be good and who would not be good. I can’t make those decisions. At the end of the day, I always think a person would be good and all of a sudden things change.”

Staub had previously claimed that the show made her contemplate suicide, so we’re not sure if this would be the healthiest decision for her. In addition, Staub’s ex, Kevin Maher, recently warned Marchese to be wary of getting close to Staub.

Tell us- Do YOU want to see Danielle back? Do YOU think it’s a good idea? Let us know!