Jimmy Kimmel Heats Up the Bachelor

Why can’t Jimmy Kimmel be on The Bachelor more often? That had to be one of the most hilarious episodes I have seen. In fact it was, dare I say it…amazing! The entrance was something out of a terrible comedy horror movie. Jimmy was the best third wheel ever!

bachelor kimmel

How much money ended up in the Amazing Jar? If you were wondering where all those dollar bills came from, you are not alone. My guess is that every girl had to give in at least $5.00. Maybe the money in the jar should go to the runner up this season to help her get over the break up.

How many cases of ketchup does it take to fill a hot tub? If you are going to head to an exclusive club for a date, it does not get any better than Kaitlyn and Chris’ one-on-one date to get everything Jimmy wanted from Costco. I was waiting for them to start eating all the samples at the end of the aisles and hit up the $1.50 hot dog/soda combo. Probably the sexiest thing a couple can do together is cook dinner and things were heating up from the look of things with Kaitlyn and Chris. But wait…Heeeeeeere’s Jimmy asking the tough questions to Kaitlyn. But Kaitlyn is ready for the tough questions about the fantasy suite. Clearly, you can’t buy a car without test driving. Same thing applies to dating.

How do you milk a goat? Fast forward to the farm and the girls on the group date are getting down and dirty with the animals. These ladies are doing it all from chasing pigs to drinking goat milk. Jillian is the total workout beast and should dominate this challenge. However, it’s all about Carly winning this round. I’m starting to think Carly is stepping up her game and wants to be noticed. Although, after seeing her victory dance moves, I hope she sings a lot better.

There’s a lot to be said after the physical challenge part of the date. Mackenzie bluntly asks Chris about his kissing habit. In case you haven’t noticed, Chris is a little bit of a kiss-a-holic. But maybe Mackenzie should read her Bachelor manual that states clearly, as the Bachelor, you kiss who you want, when you want, and however often you want. Chris can’t keep his lips off the girls. Except for Becca. When Becca has a moment with Chris alone, she does not go in for the kiss, winning her the group date rose. The other ladies should learn an important lesson here. You don’t always need to put up to win his heart.

How about crashing a wedding? Perhaps the best date of week three was the one-on-one with Whitney. She has already shown her spunky and genuine personality. In fact, there has been a lot of focus on her story as a fertility nurse, and just how sweet she is. From the very start Whitney has not needed a fancy limo entrance or big focus to pique Chris’ attention. The wedding crashers have a great time and the spark between them is absolutely gorgeous. Whitney is also the first girl that Chris begins to use the word wife with. I have a good feeling about these two.

Who needs a cocktail party? POOL PARTY! The night doesn’t end on a classy note. Instead of the normal cocktail party, Chris is going to throw a pool party. Chris felt a whirlwind of emotions within a short pool party. First Chris and Jade are checking out the bachelor’s bed for comfort quality control, Juelia confides in Chris about her son and her husband’s death, and Ashley I. just has a temper tantrum that made her look like a five-year-old.

Does Chris need a deli counter for kisses? After seeing all the kissing this episode, Chris should set up a deli counter for kisses. Take a number and get in line! At the end of the night Chris says farewell to Amber, Tracy, and Trina. No big deal or shocker since we did not see much from them. I’m just waiting for Ashley S. to leave. I guess it will have to wait for next week- when there’s apparently some racy scenes on the way.

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By: Tanya Martell (@Tssper)