Kyle Richards- Brandi Is NOT My Friend


Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started off calmly, but took a rapid turn for the crazy once the ladies started heading to a poker night hosted by housewife Eileen Davidson. Housewife Kyle Richards, who has said before she didn’t want to be part of Brandi’s issues with others, ended up getting into an altercation with Brandi Glanville over Kyle’s sister, Kim Richards, being kept from Kyle by Brandi. Kyle took to her blog to express her feelings on the matter. What did she have to say? 

Kyle wrote, “Almost from the moment we started playing poker, things were extremely uncomfortable. I could see Kim was ‘off’ but wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation.”

She continued, detailing that, “One thing that was very clear to me in watching this is that Brandi is not my friend. Never has been. I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but always kept her at arms’ length. To see her pretending to be friends with me in the car ride to Eileen’s and then turning on me made things abundantly clear to me. Brandi can’t be a friend to anyone. Including my sister.”

Kyle explained how Brandi is driving a wedge between her and Kim, writing that, “Brandi clearly has been driving a wedge between my sister and me, which seems to have been her master plan from the beginning. Her comments about me always being jealous of Kim’s career couldn’t be further from the truth…Brandi pretending she knows us, our history, or anything about our relationship is hurtful and frustrating. She is a new person in our lives whom we have no history with. She makes these comments to be mean and cause Kim to question her relationship with me. Apparently it’s working.”

Kyle detailed her conversation with Kim in the bathroom about her being out of it, writing that, “I whispered for obvious reasons, but Kim directly talked about what was going on with her that night. Kim told me she had taken a pill because she had been in pain. I was disappointed but felt she was being more open than in the past. At the very least, it was a situation we could deal with, because she was communicating openly about what was happening. We hugged and left the bathroom, and I thought everything was OK between us. My sister has been under a lot of pressure taking care of her ex-husband, Monty. If she had slipped, it would have been understandable, and the fact that we had talked about it made me feel better. Next thing I know Kim says to me ‘thanks for doing that,’ says she is leaving, and is clearly upset with me.”

She continued, stating that, “Kim being mad at me made no sense, which made me more concerned for the situation and her well-being. I wanted to pull her away from everyone to speak privately but Brandi wasn’t allowing us to, as though she somehow needed to ‘protect’ my sister from me, when clearly my sister needed a loved one to make sure she was OK (which is why she followed me into the bathroom). Brandi was putting her arm up and blocking me from being able to talk to my sister. Many things are going through my head at this point: Concern for my sister and for our relationship that we have worked so hard on and the fear that a manageable (yet concerning) situation might spiral out of control, because one person seemed to be using it to her advantage in a dangerous way.”

Kyle continued to express her frustrating with Brandi, claiming, “I was extremely frustrated that this person, who is not family or anyone I consider close, is keeping me from my sister. She put her arm up to block me, and I first said, “Please don’t do that.” I then pushed her arm down to stop her from blocking me from Kim. As Kim was leaving and Brandi was walking out with her and blocking me, I pulled her arm back to stop her from keeping Kim and me apart.I simply wanted to get to my sister out of concern. The last person I wanted Kim with was a drunk Brandi.”

She wrapped up with saying, “Watching Kim and Brandi talking outside it is very clear to me that Brandi takes advantage of Kim when she is at her most vulnerable and wants her to believe that she is the only one that cares or understands her. Brandi also is using my sister to look like she is taking care of Kim and distracting us from Brandi’s own obvious issues. This was the end of Brandi’s and my ‘friendship.’ And the beginning of another bumpy road in Kim’s and my relationship”

We totally understand how Kyle feels. She has been there for her sister through many a bump in the road, and should have had the right to talk to her privately.

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