Lisa Vanderpump- I Understood Kyle’s Frustration


Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t present at the poker night, which resulted in Kyle Richards being assured that Brandi Glanville is NOT her friend, but that didn’t stop Vanderpump from taking to her blog to express her thoughts on the girls’ poker night night. What did Vanderpump have to say? 

On the evening, Vanderpump writes, “I have to say I was disheartened to see the animosity at Eileen’s house who had obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to create a fabulous evening. She is a sweet woman with a dear of a husband, and I believe they were unprepared for the nastiness that ensued. It was startling, but I understood Kyle’s frustration as she attempted to communicate with Kim, only to be blocked by Brandi. Kyle obviously, with years of experiencing situations like this, resented Brandi physically blocking her attempt to reach her sister.”

She wrapped up with explaining that, “We leave there, and I assume we reconvene next week in the midst of the aggressive altercation that we viewed this week, a rapid downward spiral that creates the rift between Kyle and Brandi, a rift fraught with accusations that lead them into a vortex of negativity in the coming episodes.”

Vanderpump recently claimed that life was simpler without Glanville, and we’re guessing that after this episode, Kyle agrees.

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