Amber Alert! Danielle Staub’s Ex Warns Amber Marchese of Dangerous Staub!


As we recently reported, former The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Danielle Staub is using desperate tactics to try to return to the show. Specifically, Staub is trying to reach out to new cast members to align with them, in hopes that they will bring her back to the franchise. Amber Marchese, who was a new housewife this past season, recently confirmed the pair ARE speaking and that she thinks it would be fun to film with Staub.

Kevin Maher, also known as the author of “Cop Without A Badge,” the book that Staub’s criminal past (and real name) were revealed in, recently spoke to us upon hearing the news that Marchese thinks of Staub as “sweet” and thinks it would be “fun to film with her.” He took time out of his schedule to issue an Amber Alert!, warning Marchese of just how dangerous Staub can be. 

On Marchese being open to Staub filming and talking with her, Maher stated, “Amber, I guarantee you- I would bet everything I own that in a very short period of time… Amber is pretty much like Jacqueline was. Jacqueline took her friend’s side- Danielle’s side. When the matriarch Caroline Manzo said, ‘you’re nuts, what are you doing, get away from her, she’s dangerous’- that’s what I respected about Jacqueline the most. She stuck by her friend. She was a true friend to her. Look what happened to her. Her daughter ended up getting in legal drama because of Danielle Staub.”

He continued issuing his warning, telling us, “I would tell Amber to look at what happened to Jacqueline, because that’s what’s gonna happen to you. I guarantee it and I would bet everything I own that will happen in a short period of time. Once Danielle Staub doesn’t need that woman, she will throw her under the bus like she does everybody else.”

Why should Marchese be frightened of Staub? Maher told us, “She is a con artist. She has a wonderful personality, a warm, lovable personality. I don’t even know who she is. She’s a liar. She’s gonna do or say whatever it is that’s gonna get her on that show and make her money. The original cast members of that show have gone on to make millions of dollars. They’ve all made millions of dollars over the years. Danielle Staub didn’t share in that. I completely want to take some responsibility for that, because I enlightened a lot of people, including the media, of what she truly was. My book exposed her for what she truly was. Let’s go back to the table flipping scene- she said the only two things in that book that are true are my name and I was arrested. That’s it. Every word in my book about her was true and accurate. In fact, I didn’t even write what I should have about her, because I knew she was married with children. I didn’t expose her the way I should have.”

Maher continued, detailing that he doesn’t see how Staub would have appeal to the franchise, informing us that, “If Sirens (Media, the company that produces RHONJ) thinks that’s going to boost their ratings- to bring somebody in there that lies- you can get anybody. It’s like getting an actor and watching a scripted movie. You know that the actor isn’t really that person. You know that the actor is only talking from what he read off of a script, right? Why bring her back?”

Maher still wasn’t done detailing how dangerous Staub could be. On hearing that Marchese said she had spice, he claimed, “Everyone knows that Danielle Staub is a pathological liar. Her fame, if you will, the thing that makes her interesting- the thing that gives her spice- tobacco sauce (has spice, too), but you don’t want to drink a whole bottle of it.”

He continued, stating, “Her spice is based on boldfaced lies. She’s a dangerous woman to be around. The fact is nobody knows who she really is except me and a few other people. I was married to her for a year. I found out who and what she was. She’s a pathological liar. She doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie. If Bravo or Sirens Media wants to recast her, I mean, she’s a liar. Nobody’s getting anything real out of Danielle Staub. The title of the show is the REAL housewives of New Jersey. She’s anything but real.”

Maher had more yet to say on Staub, informing us that, “She is as phony as a three dollar bill. She is just a phony. This is who she really is… Even if you would strip away the lies- even if a doctor prescribed a drug that would prevent her from lying- she wouldn’t know who she is. I don’t think anybody knows who she really is. Why bring back somebody that all they’re gonna do is lie? If they did bring her back, I’d be the first one to profit from it. I would. The show about a year ago went through (airing in) the UK and my book sales just rocketed. Every time the show is on, my book sales go up.”

Maher wrapped up with telling us a final warning Marchese should likely heed in his opinion: “Who wants to be around this dangerous woman? She was involved in organized crime with a drug cartel that I’m sure wants to kill her. I don’t think she would bring anything to that show.”

We also reached out to Jacqueline Laurita to get her opinion, since Maher claimed Staub would do to Marchese what she did to Laurita.

Upon us mentioning Staub, Laurita said, “Who?” and had no further comment.

Last year, we revealed reasons why Staub should not be allowed to return to the franchise. Maher is mentioned in that list.

What do YOU think? Should Staub be brought back? Should Marchese heed Maher’s advice? Let us know!