Hands Clean! Bravo Producers Claim NO Responsibility For Kim Richards’s Dog Attack!


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards had a pitiful named Kingsley who viciously attacked many people, including Kim’s sister Kyle’s daughter Alexia and Kim’s friend, 80-year-old Kay Rozario. While Kyle had confirmed she was fine, she did detail how the situation was a bump in the road for her relationship with her sister.

Now, Radar Online has obtained court documents that detail how Bravo production is taking NO responsibility for the dog’s attack on Rozario after Rozario named them in her lawsuit. What specifically do the court documents say? 

In court documents from January 19th, Radar claims,  “the producers (under the umbrella name Evolution Film & Tape, Inc.) claimed they had no involvement  in the incident in which Richards’s friend” was attacked by Kingsley.

In addition, producers claimed, “Rozario didn’t imply the attack took place during the show’s filming” and said that they have “never had any sort of business arrangement with her.”

They also added that they “bore no responsibility” in regards to how Kim handled her dog and that it’s “a stretch” for Rozario to intimate that they did or should have and that, by how Rozario was attempting to defend herself, anyone producing a television show “would owe a duty to every viewer of the show to disclose all known facts about anything depicted on the show, and would be subject to suit by any such viewer.”

With all they have addressed, Evolution is requesting the court dismiss Rozario’s alleged case against them “with prejudice.”

What do you think about this? Is Rozario right? Or is Evolution? Let us know!