Angry Momager!- Kardashian Girls Side With Bruce, Making Kris Furious!


Now that Kourtney Kardashian has recovered from giving birth, she had time to stop by Bruce Jenner‘s home, along with the rest of her sisters. Why were the girls there? As many people know, Bruce has been getting hounded by media claiming he is planning to transition to a woman. His daughters (and step-daughters) stopped by to visit with him and show him some love, as well as snap the above photo.

A source has spoken to Radar Online, and they claim that Momager Kris Jenner is all but happy about the photo. Why? 

The source tells Radar, ““Bruce has been down lately, and doesn’t even want to leave his house because he is hounded by paparazzi now more than ever. It was the girls’ idea to go and show him some love.”

This seems sweet and innocent, right? Well, not to Kris, as the source dished, “Kris didn’t like this at all. After she saw the photo, she complained she doesn’t remember the last time she has had a photo taken with all of her daughters.”

The insider continued, stating that, ““Kris is clearly enjoying her new life with Corey and only calls on the girls when she needs something. Or when a story comes out that she is being neglectful to them!”

The source wrapped up with telling Radar that, ““Kris hates that Kendall and Kylie always side with their dad. Bruce has no other motive than to just be a great father, which he has been.”

Recently, Kris commented on the rumors surrounding Bruce becoming a woman, claiming that tabloids were “regurgitating the old stuff.”

What do you think? Were the girls right to go support Bruce or is Kris in the right to be upset? Let us know!