Lisa Rinna’s Storyline To Become Front and Center On RHOBH


Lisa Rinna, one of our favorite Melrose Place alumni and current star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has stayed mostly demure on the show and, aside from a few tongue-in-cheek comments, has kept it very politically correct. According to a new Radar Online report, that is all about to change, and the 51-year-old Rinna’s storyline is about to become front and center on the show.

What did a source tell Radar specifically? 

“Fans of RHOBH are about to see a very different side of Lisa. There will be several screaming fights with Kim Richards,” a source who spoke to Radar informed them.

What sets Rinna off, aside from Richards’s recently erratic behavior? The source told Radar, ““Kim hints that [Rinna’s husband] Harry might have been unfaithful to Lisa, and she obviously gets very upset.”

The source continued detailing what’s to come, stating that, “Even though Lisa’s reception from fans up to now has been lukewarm, that will likely turn when her storyline becomes a key part of the show.”

They wrapped up with saying that, “Lisa very much wants to do another season of the show, and has nothing but respect for producers. She hopes Bravo will want her back. Lisa will do anything to stay relevant in Hollywood. So if RHOBH is the way to do it, then great.”

We really have enjoyed seeing Rinna on the screen and can’t wait to see more from her.

Previously, we had reported how Rinna allegedly stirred up drama to solidify her place on the franchise. We are expecting to see this in the coming weeks, in addition to a rumored physical fight she is involved in.

Tell us- are you excited to see more of Rinna on the series? Are you liking her so far? Let us know.