Dog Trainer Blames Kim Richards For Vicious ‘Attack Dog’


Fresh on the heels of news that Evolution Media (Bravo’s production team for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) takes no responsibility for Kim Richards’s dog attacking her friend, Richards’s former dog trainer has spoken out to Radar Online- and he points to none other than Richards as being the reason her dog Kingsley was an attack dog. What specifically did the trainer say? 

“That dog has an issue with resource guarding,” the trainer began. “Resource guarding means that they have a resource and they guard it. Usually the counter-condition and the cure is to remove the resource. If it is a tennis ball, or a bone, or a dog toy, you remove it and then you reintroduce the resource slowly.”

“The problem with Kingsley is that the resource is Kim,” the trainer continued.

“With Kingsley, if you go anywhere near Kim or in her proximity, he just goes into attack-mode,” the trainer expanded. “That is dangerous. We wouldn’t call this a protection dog, we call it an attack dog.”

The trained continued spilling the tea on Kingsley, stating that, “Her dog had trainers prior to me, and everything they did, they did wrong because they did not diagnose the dog correctly with the issues that he actually had.”

What specifically did they do wrong? According to this trainer, “The problem with previous trainers is that they removed the dog instead of removing Kim.”

In addition, the trainer claimed that, “She loved on it so much that she never laid down boundaries and with an empty-nester like Kim, where people are leaving the home, that dog attaches itself to its owner,” says the trainer.

They wrapped up with telling Radar that, “That dog is a male. Kim is a female. There is a lot that has to do with that as far as dog as the dog’s willingness to protect.”

Not only did Kingsley attack Richards’s friend, but he also attacked Richards’s niece, Alexia Umansky, who luckily was fine according to Mom Kyle Richards.

From what we have heard, Richards no longer has Kingsley in her home.

What do you think of this? Was Kim part of the issue, was it bad training, or was Kingsley simply untrainable? Let us know.