Incarcerated Issues: Teresa and Joe Fighting While Teresa Is Away


Although The Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice, 42, and her juicy husband, Joe, have had problems before, but now that Teresa is incarcerated, it’s only getting worse. In Touch Magazine spoke to a source who dished what they’re fighting over- and, hint: 14-year-old Gia is involved in the fighting! 

“You could hear yelling and cussing on the phone,” an insider dished to In Touch about a recent phone call Teresa made from the jail.

“She was having an argument with her husband,” they continued.

What are there problems stemming over? Apparently, Teresa thinks Joe is keeping her family from her, as the source stated that, “She thought she’d see them right away, but that didn’t happen… (she) feels like she’d been cut off from her family.”

In addition, her oldest daughter Gia, who is playing Mom while Teresa is away, is also fighting with Joe. The source stated that, “Gia refuses to speak to her dad. He went through her cellphone and blew up at her, and now she wants to move out of the house and in with one of her 3KT bandmates.”

But, the insider stated, a move is not in the cards for Gia, as Teresa wants Gia to, “take care of everything, because she thinks Joe is useless.”

Gia recently visited her Mom in prison this past weekend, and Gia claims she’s “doing very well.” Gia also detailed how Teresa and her are more “like friends.” Unfortunately, Gia likely didn’t know about Teresa’s prison having problems with sewage during storms that her Mom would have to aid in cleaning up.

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