EXCLUSIVE: Jaime Primak Sullivan ‘Saved By The Belles’


We have been HUGE fans of Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak Sullivan from the beginning. As of late, we have helped petition for a second season. We also have had many exclusive conversations with Sullivan, including a recent one on why she’s optimistic the fun show would return.

We are VERY excited to aid Sullivan in announcing some exclusive news today: She’s been ‘Saved by The Belles.’

What do we mean? 

Specifically, we are referring to the announcement that Sullivan will be releasing a BOOK THIS COMING FALL!

The book, which will be called Saved By The Belles: The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl, will be hitting shelves and e-readers in the fall of 2015.

On how she came up with idea for a book, Sullivan exclusively told us, “The idea for the book actually came from the fans of Cawfeetawk/Jersey Belle – so often they would ask me to expand on a specific Cawfeetawk topic, blog, or post. That lead to the natural progression of me putting stories and experiences, in both life and love, that I have learned since living in the south, down on paper.”

Will the book be similar to the show? ” It’s more of a Jersey Belle/ Cawfeetawk hybrid,” Sullivan dished. “Especially some of the early experiences like dating Michael or meeting the Belles. I was much more Jersey Belle at that point. It will be similar in that readers will laugh and cry, appreciate the authenticity of the journey and hopefully fall in love with the people that I love.”

On that note, Sullivan lamented what role the Belles will play in the book, stating that, “They will be a part of it in regards to lessons I have learned along the way. Their guidance, advice and support are the foundation of the sub-title of the book,’The Southern Education of A Jersey Girl’.”

Lest fans think they know all of Sullivan’s story, she explained how there will be some surprises in store, telling us,  I think fans will be most surprised to follow the relationship between Michael and I. The man took 9 months to kiss me. A wait time like that is not for everybody.”

Sullivan will have a co-author on the book, Eve Adamson. On her co-author, she stated that they met through “fate.” Specifically, Sullivan said, “I was talking to a publisher friend about the concept for the book and was putting it into the universe that I wanted a co-writer who could really get my voice. He suggested Eve, then emailed her on the spot. The stars aligned and here we are.”

She wrapped up with revealing, “This book is for any woman who has ever walked into a room and felt like she was the one who didn’t fit in. Saved By The Belles is  a true testament that real women are a work in progress, regardless of where we come from. I made a lot of mistakes in the last decade, and most of them were made in the south. It’s funny, yes, but most of all, it’s real. These are stories about a woman trying to find her place in a world that isn’t quite sure what to make of her, and the amazing women (and man) who step up to help her along the way.”

We definitely are excited to grab a copy as soon as we can this fall and are still pulling for a second season of the show. Like the book, we are confident the stars will align for this to happen as well.