Kandi Buruss- Things Are Better With Mama Joyce and Todd


Real Housewife of Atlanta Kandi Buruss has had own share of issues with the fighting between husband Todd Tucker and her mother, Mama Joyce Jones. Last night, Buruss appeared on Watch What Happens Live and discussed where things stand with Tucker’s relationship with Joyce now. What did Buruss say? Burros claimed, “She has come around. Things have gotten a lot better lately. They are communicating a lot better. She is being a lot more supportive. I don’t think it was just (Todd’s Mom passing away).”

“Of course when something like that happens,” Buruss continued, “it makes everybody come together and realize sometimes we can be petty over things we shouldn’t really trip about, but he has also gained her respect over the time. The whole beginning she was saying she thought he wanted to live off me, but Todd has gone on to executive produce his own shows. The proof is in the pudding.”
What do you think about the new and improved relationship? Let us know!