Grab A Cup of Joe With Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey!


Peter Thomas, husband of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey, recently spoke to Bravo’s Daily Dish. The topic of the conversation revolved around Peter’s new coffee shop, which we had previously reported he was planning on opening. Thomas spilled more details- and they sound exciting! What did he have to say? 

Thomas told the Daily Dish, “We’re opening the first Peter’s Brew Coffee Shop the end of next month, across from Bar One, on Auburn Ave.”

“When I’m in town, I’m there,” he continued. “I already gave a slot to Cynthia’s mom. She’ll be there at the coffee shop. That’s going to be a job for her.”

Thomas continued dishing on plans revolving the shop, stating that, “I’m coming up with new flavors. Within the week, we’ll have all four flavors. But, yeah, we’re going to have pastries, coffee.”

Will this be a stand-alone shop, or does Thomas have plans to make a few of them? “My dream is to see 100 Peter’s Brew coffee shops in the next three years,” he explained. “They’re not expensive to put together. I could start distributing and retailing my own goods.”

He also added that Bailey and him are expecting this coffee shop to be a “slam dunk.”

We are definitely excited for the pair!

Thomas’s coffee line, Peter’s Brew, is exclusively available online.