Scheana Marie- I Just Can’t With Kristen Anymore


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie is echoing the sentiments of her fellow cast mates this morning, when she took to her Bravo blog to discuss her issues with Kristen Doute after last night’s episode. What did Scheana have to say? Scheana writes, “I still can’t get over the fact that Kristen did what she did, bringing this girl into SUR. Kristen promised me numerous times she was going to let this go and not keep pursuing the Tom cheating rumors and speaking to this girl. She lied to me! Now I get why she didn’t tell me, because OF COURSE I would have told my best friend that this girl was coming had Kristen given me a heads up. But still, how can I stay friends with someone who is constantly trying to ruin my best friends life? It’s impossible. I’ve tried so hard to remain friends with Kristen, and it’s just not something that works easily for me or very well for that matter.”

She continued, stating that, “After we came back from Miami, I was filled in on how much of a passive-aggressive bitch Kristen was being to Ariana the entire trip. At the time, while in Miami, I didn’t pay attention, but since we’ve been back and my friends have filled me in, I think that was the point where I completely lost it with Kristen. It was like all of the anger inside of me towards her and what she was doing to my best friend finally exploded! She’s a loose cannon and unpredictable. I spoke to several people, including my mom and Lisa, on what to do about the wedding and Kristen. If she pulls this shit at SUR, what’s she going to pull at my wedding? I don’t trust her anymore, but I keep giving her more and more chances, because she’s been my longest friend at SUR, and that still means something to me. She has been there for me for years, stood up to Stassi for me, and I don’t forget those things. She’s just finally at the point where I just can’t with her anymore. I realized it would’ve been more of a headache to disinvite her from the wedding than to just let her still come. James is still my friend, and I wanted him at the wedding, so I just hoped she could keep it together for the sake of me.”

Scheana had previously discussed her issues with Doute, claiming she was sick of Doute playing the victim.

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