Port-A-Prison: Teresa’s Prison Has Sewage Problems During Storm

teresa-giudice-prison-bathroom The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice spent her first snow storm in prison last night. According to a former inmate who spoke to Radar Online, the night may not have been full of snowball fights and snowman making, as she claims the prison has sewage problems during storms that the inmates are responsible for helping with. “There is a huge problem with the sewers at Danbury backing up and overflowing into the kitchen  following heavy flooding, such as there will be during this blizzard right now,” Beatrice Codianni told Radar.

Codianni served 14 years at the Danbury, Connecticut facility that Giudice is currently cooped up in.

“Although they send people to mop it up, they don’t give them boots,” she continued, adding, “Sometimes they will have gloves, but sometimes they won’t.”

Codianni provided more details, stating that, “Because the prisoners are not given boots or special shoes to clean up the mess, they trek the raw sewage all around the prison grounds after they are done. It is absolutely horrific. This happened more times at Danbury than I can possibly remember.”

In addition to having to help clean up, Codianni detailed more of the horrible storm conditions. She told Radar, “You can’t use the toilets because they just get stopped up. They had to shut off the water in the whole entire prison a few times because of broken pipes after a massive storm.”

Codianni added one final detail about the conditions during storms, explaining that, “One time, they even had to even bring in portable toilets for us to go to the bathroom in. It was very, very disgusting.”

Aside from cleaning up sewage, Giudice has been spending her prison time fighting with her husband and apologizing for causing a problem behind bars.