Eileen Davidson- Brandi With Kim Is Disturbing


On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw the second part of Eileen Davidson‘s poker night. The night was meant to be a fun gathering of the women, but quickly was busted by Kim Richards being out of it and Brandi Glanville getting in an altercation with Kyle Richards.

Davidson took to her blog to express more of her thoughts on the evening. What did she say? 

“In Brandi’s last blog she said she came to our poker party and was so hungry because it was dinner time and we had no food,” Daidson wrote.

She was quick to defend herself against this claim, though, stating, “I guess she has to blame someone for her actions. But honestly, folks? It wasn’t EXACTLY dinner time. It was between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. And it wasn’t a DINNER party. It was a POKER party. A DINNER party is where you sit down at a table and have dinner. A POKER party is where you sit down at a table and play poker. And even so, we had lots of hors d’oeuvres. Such as those “little pancakes that are for children” that are usually known as blinis. Take a peek at the end of last week’s episode. You’ll see us all gathered in my kitchen, and there are trays of uneaten food on the kitchen island. Things got crazy as soon as we sat down to play the tournament. Even though the food was catered and delicious (I know this because I ate a lot of it before the ladies came over), everyone was too distracted to actually eat it. Well, maybe Brandi didn’t see all the food, and that’s why she got so tipsy and acted like she did. And thank goodness she was a little tipsy, or that gash in her arm could have been so much more painful.”

Davidson also took on Glanville stating she felt the Davidson’s should have hired a nanny for the evening for their 11-year-old son, revealing that, “As far as having a nanny (which we don’t have, BTW) take Jesse away for the evening? I’m not quite sure where we’re supposed to send an 11-year-old boy at 10 PM when we couldn’t arrange a sleepover. Nor did Vincent and I think it was necessary. After all, we weren’t having a group of Portuguese sailors over for a poker game. It was four women. If we’re ever moronic enough to invite Brandi over again, I’ll make sure Jesse is safely sequestered away from our property. I wouldn’t want her not to be able to express herself fully with “f—, c—, p—-, c—, b—,” etc. as loudly and as often as she pleases.”

Davidson then turned her attention towards Kim Richards and Glanville trying to get in between her and Kyle, stating that, “Kim must be in severe pain, or why would she have taken someone else’s meds? Why is she at a party? I know she’s going through so much with her ex-husband, Monty, and is very vulnerable, but is Brandi really the best friend for her? I know sibling relationships are complicated, but I still believe Kyle has her sister’s best interests at heart more than Brandi does. What was the point of keeping Kim away from Kyle? Kyle wanted to understand what was happening with her sister.”

The night was wrapped up being discussed with Davidson expressing her thoughts on Glanville being Kim’s support system, as she said, “Brandi admitted she was drunk. That’s who someone who is trying to stay sober has as her support system? Brandi has her own issues to deal with and watching her with Kim was disturbing and not a healthy combination, IMO.”

This is not the first time Davidson has taken issue with Glanville, as last week she detailed how she feels Glanville is trying to drive a wedge between Kyle and Kim. She also has said that Glanville herself is reckless.

However, she did recently apologize to Glanville for comment she made during her Watch What Happens Live appearance.

In addition, Kyle took to her blog last week to express how after the poker night, Glanville is NOT her friend.

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