Lisa Rinna- Brandi Masks Pain With Alcohol


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna recently claimed she used Brandi Glanville as inspiration for a new acting role in which the character she’s playing was trashy, but it seems she’s not done discussing her thoughts on Glanville.

Rinna took to her Bravo blog to discuss her opinions on Glanville’s behavior during the conclusion of Eileen Davidson‘s poker night. In addition, Rinna discussed her thoughts on Kim Richards’s strange behavior.  What did Rinna have to say? 

On Glanville, Rinna writes, “As far as Brandi goes, my comments are coming from a place of experience and concern. I’ve been, like I know many many of you have also, a part of lives that have been affected by addiction. And to echo Yolanda’s sentiments, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of grown women, mothers in particular,
behaving this way. To me, there seems to be a lot of pain being masked by alcohol. Granted, I don’t know what goes on in Brandi’s life outside of this. I only know what I observe in this environment.”

Rinna also commented on Kim, stating, “Now that some time has passed and I have really had some time to digest the situation, I myself have some questions just like all of you. Why did Kim go to Eileen’s poker night if she was sick with pneumonia and bronchitis? I don’t doubt that major illnesses like these made her feel terrible. So, then why go in the first place and then exacerbate these illnesses by smoking cigars all evening? I’m quite certain that had I been as ill as she was, I would have been in my bed pickling myself in oil of oregano and overdosing on vitamin C and echinacea. But again, as I didn’t know where she was in her sobriety, I also didn’t know where she was in her illnesses.”

Rinna was not the only one to critique their behavior, as Davidson recently took to her blog to discuss that the combination of Glanville and Kim was disturbing.

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