Are Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel Fighting?


Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City were overjoyed when it was announced that Bethenny Frankel was returning to the franchise.

Many people may wonder how her relationships are with all of the cast members, particularly ones she had previously worked with.

Ramona Singer is one of those people that Frankel had a close relationship with when she left the show. Wondering how their relationship is today? Singer recently spoke to OK! Magazine about this. 

Singer told them, “”[Bethenny] and I had a great relationship prior to the show, but our relationship has gotten even better! I’m really happy she’s on.”

Singer continued discussing the show, saying, “I think the chemistry has really evolved. There are actually some true friendships here and we have some true heartaches.”

Interesting! We are definitely excited for the show to return and to see Frankel back on our televisions.

There have been lots of rumors regarding what’s going on with Frankel on the show, including a rumor that Bravo is bringing back a former nemesis of Frankel’s to stir the pot.