Bruce Jenner To Get Show About Him Transitioning To A Woman?


Recently, Kim Kardashian discussed how her step-Dad, Bruce Jenner, is the happiest she’s ever seen him. According to many reports and rumors that have been circulating for months, Jenner is planning to transition to a woman. Now, an article in Variety Magazine, details how there will be a show with him about this and a sit-down interview. Want details? 

According to the story, E! is working with GLAAD on a reality series surrounding Jenner becoming a woman.

A source told the magazine, “It’s in the very beginning stages, but it’s a go.” However, there is no title or date of production yet.

Interesting. We support Jenner in his journey to become a woman if this is true and what he wants.

His children also support him, as they recently stopped by to cheer him up and take a photo with him. 

However, ex-wife Kris Jenner is apparently having a meltdown over this show!

Do you? Let us know.