He’s Ready! Bruce Jenner Prepared To Undergo Sex Change Surgery!


Fresh on the heels of news that Bruce Jenner is definitely going to be transitioning to a woman comes a new report claiming that Jenner is preparing to undergo sex change surgery.

Want details? 

A source spoke to Radar Online, claiming that Jenner is going to be having sex change surgery within the coming months.

“The decision wasn’t made overnight,” the source claimed, continuing that it “has been done thoughtfully over the past year.”

How did Jenner ultimately decide he wanted the surgery? “After having his Adam’s Apple removed, and beginning to take hormones, Bruce knew what he wanted to do,” the insider dished.

They continued, explaining that, “He has been in counseling as required by the surgeon, and his doctor believes Bruce is psychologically prepared to become a woman.”

While this is quite an interesting revelation, there’s more! Jenner apparently has already been living as a woman behind closed doors!

“Bruce has already been living as a woman behind closed doors at his Malibu house,” the source continued explaining, adding that, “ruce is ready to legally change his name too. He’ll change his entire identity, and will be recognized as a woman.”

Aside from the Kardashians, Jenner has two songs, Brody and Brandon, from his marriage to Linda Thompson. How are they dealing with this? The source informed Radar that they ” have been so supportive of their dad, and are very proud of Bruce. Recognizing Bruce was very unhappy in his own skin made them extremely sad and concerned. There have been some very deep conversations between the boys and Bruce. All they want to do is be there for him, and respect the process.”

However, there is something they ARE annoyed about, as the source informed Radar that his sons are “fed up with their step-mother, Kris Jenner. Bruce has been very stressed out because Kris hasn’t been supportive of him. The only thing Kris cares about is how Bruce’s announcement will impact the Kardashian-Jenner empire.”

We recently reported that Kris was having a meltdown over rumors Jenner would get his own show about his transformation.

We totally support Jenner and hope that this journey makes him happy.

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