FIRED! Did Kenya or Brandi Get Fired on Celebrity Apprentice This Week?

Another Monday brings two more back-to-back episodes of Celebrity Apprentice. On the first episode, of the Housewives was fired! Was it Kenya Moore or Brandi Glanville? WARNING: Spoilers ahead!


Following the firings of Kate Gosselin and Sig Hansen, tonight’s episode featured some intense fighting between Kenya and Vivica A. Fox. Vivica alleged that Kenya stole her phone and tweeted some negative tweets from it including saying she was a menopausal damn fool. Kenya denied this happened.

The final three contestants in the board room were Geraldo Rivera, Kenya, and Vivica. In the end, Kenya was the project manager who lost, which unfortunately led to her downfall and firing.

Courtesy NBC

Courtesy NBC

With the finale just two weeks away, it is safe to assume that even if they’re not contestants, both Brandi and Kenya will be a part of the show. Why? We explain our thoughts here!

As the show continues, Brandi might have to compete against a friend and formidable opponent, Leeza Gibbons.

So what did you think of the start of tonight’s episode and Kenya’s unfortunate firing? Let us know!