Kim Kardashian Kouldn’t Kare Less About Family Being Upset With Her For Talking Bruce!


Kim Kardashian, step-daughter of Bruce Jenner, recently supported Jenner in an interview, claiming that he’s on a journey that is his to talk about.

Reports then surfaced that Kardashian’s family was LIVID with her for discussing this, as it was supposed to be a private family matter.

Does Kardashian care, though? Not according to a new story that has surfaced.

Want details? 

“Kim has not even tried to apologize because she says she was helping him and the ratings of the TV show,” a source told Radar

They also dished that, “She says that she was trying to help the family, but everyone knows that she is only out for herself. It is always the Kim show and they are just guests.”

“Kourtney says that she cannot even deal with Kim’s drama,” the insider continued, adding that, “She and Scott and her do not even want to be around Kim and Kanye.”

The source also explained how Kim is using Jenner’s transition to expand her fame, saying, “Unfortunately, the more Kim talks the more famous she gets. She has pulled this kind of stunt before and has lost friends and lovers. But she honestly does not care. She just moves on.”

Will Kim’s family do anything to get back at her since they’re angered? “They are not going to do anything to get back at her because, unfortunately, they all know that she has too much power,” the insider ended with.

It was recently confirmed by another source that Jenner definitely is going to be transitioning to a female.

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