Kenya Moore- NeNe Needs A Cease And Desist For Her Wig Maker!


Last week, we reported how The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes was clearly feeling hot and bothered, as she served co-stars Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan with a cease and desist order. 

This morning, Moore appeared on Wendy Williams, and responded to the order Leakes served her with.

What did she have to say?

When asked about the cease and desist order, Moore responded, “She tried it. It’s nonsense. NeNe from day one has been the biggest agitator on our show. She slandered everyone. Last week she called Claudia a half-breed. She said Claudia’s had so much sex she doesn’t have her female parts anymore. She’s called her the w word that no one likes to hear (whore). She intimated that I lied about Apollo even though we all know now I was telling the truth, so really, NeNe? I need to send her a cease and desist on whoever makes her wigs.”
Moore wrapped up discussing the issue by stating that, “I think that NeNe’s whole issue with me is that she’s intimidated. She has met her match. I don’t think she ever watches herself. Because how do you come out of your mouth and say cease and desist when you’re the biggest troublemaker and name caller on the show?”
Leakes was not the only one Moore discussed while on Wendy Williams this morning, as she also took time to address her Celebrity Apprentice co-star, Vivica Fox, as the “most ghetto and ratchet person on TV.”
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