Kristen Doute KNEW She Was Going To Get Fired!


Last night, on Vanderpump Rules, we saw star Kristen Doute finally get the boot from boss Lisa Vanderpump after cursing off her management and causing a scene at the restaurant.

What did Doute think of the firing? Doute claimed in her vlog that, “I saw Lisa, Diana, Natalie, Guillermo, and Ken all sitting in the room together, and I just knew it.”

“Part of me was getting ready to walk in and like strip my SUR dress off right then and there and say I quit,” Doute continued, adding, “but I wasn’t going to put one more notch in the bed post if you will. It’s sort of bittersweet. I knew my time at SUR was really over.”

While Doute may have known, it seems her co-stars are in agreement, as Scheana Marie recently explained how Doute deserved to be fired a LONG time ago!

What do you think about Doute’s firing? Was it deserved? Also, would you still want to see her on the show, as she is insisting she still wants to be on regardless of being fired? Let us know!