Girl, Bye! Scheana Marie Slams Kristen Doute In New Blog


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie, who had previously explained how she “just couldn’t” with Kristen Doute anymore, has taken to her Bravo blog to react to the news that Doute was fired last night.

Does Scheana Marie feel bad? Not at all!

Read on to see exactly what she had to say. 

“The time has come when Kristen is finally held accountable for her actions although she still is unable to admit fault,” Schena began writing in her blog.

She continued, explaining that, “Kristen likes to put the blame on anyone other than herself. Whether or not she ‘orchestrated’ Miami Girl coming into SUR, she definitely facilitated it.”

Scheana also reacted to Doute being fired, attesting to the fact that, “She deserved to be fired a long time ago, and I’m glad Lisa was finally fed up enough to let her go. Kristen has gotten away with so many things for years now, but disrespecting management is inexcusable. What employee thinks they can tell their manager to fuck off and suck a dick and not get fired?”

“Whether she was clocked in or not, she was on SUR property and the rest of us were working,” Scheana wrapped up with, adding that, “I really thought this would be the thing that would put Kristen in her place, get her life together, and be a good person, as hard as that may be.”

Scheana Marie is not the only cast member having issues with Doute, as Tom Schwartz recently claimed Doute has a split personality disorder and Jax Taylor recently explained how she’s manipulative and needs to move on from Tom Sandoval.

What do YOU think about what Scheana wrote? Do you agree or disagree?