Lisa Vanderpump- Brandi’s Intimidating Behavior Is Ugly and Uncalled For


Yesterday, Kyle Richards spoke exclusively with us about the way Brandi Glanville has acted towards her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewife Lisa Vanderpump has taken to her Bravo blog to express her thoughts on Glanville‘s behavior. What did Vanderpump have to say? 

Vanderpump writes, “I have never experienced, prior to meeting Brandi (and this would be the second time), a woman exclaiming, ‘I will knock you f—ing teeth out.'”

“It is ugly and uncalled for intimidating behavior that I found unnerving to watch,” Vanderpump wrapped up with stating, adding that, “Kyle was inordinately upset, frustrated by Kim‘s reluctance to understand the damage that would transpire as the divide widened.”

Kyle also has previously expressed her thoughts on Glanville’s interactions with Kim, stating that she thinks she takes advantage of her.

In addition, other wives have taken issue with Glanville, with Lisa Rinna recently claiming Glanville masks her pain with alcohol and Eileen Davidson claiming she is reckless.

What are your thoughts on what Vanderpump said? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know!