A Cinderella Date & A Cliffhanger: Bachelor Episodes 4 and 5 Recap


With the Sn’oreaster Blizzard of 2015, The Bachelor was just as dull in Episode 4. The sound of The Soules Sisters reminded me of a sappy Lifetime movie event. Jade earns the Cinderella date after much drilling from the triple threat and makes Ashely I. incredibly jealous. Did she know that Chris would have a Cinderella date and brought a ball gown for that very reason?

The group date was probably the highlight of the whole episode. Ashley S. was up to her usual antics and Mackenzie was talking about aliens again! However, even with alien-girl in the mix, Kelsey, iwth her poor attitude and awkward laugh, was surprisingly the highlight of the group date. One second Kelsey is all about Chris and acts very vibrant. Then, when she is not around Chris, she is the biggest Debbie Downer I have ever seen! Maybe Kelsey should cut the acting out and try to be herself.

The one-on-one date with Jillian was an intense date. After winning the race, Jillian gets her own time to have precious one-on-one time with Chris. It seemed like she was really not feeling the time herself and was talking too much about herself and too little about a potential relationship. Thankfully, Chris saw she was not the right girl for him and decided to let her go.

Fast forward to the rose ceremony where we say goodbye to Nikki (who I never saw a lot of), Ashley S. (obviously she should go home), and Juelia (there’s no point in keeping her when she has a child at home).

Week Five

Week five heated up a lot more, and it wasn’t just caused by the the temperature in Santa Fe. The first one-on-one date with Carly was nothing short of interesting. Chris and Carly meet a love guru named Tziporah (Hebrew for bird) for a little flight lesson in meditation. The activities include some awkward touching, heavy breathing, and stripping. Because clearly taking of clothing will help them peel away the layers of their personalities. I have to say, it was impressive when Chris was respectful of Carly when she said how uncomfortable she felt. The date ends with a rose and I really see this relationship going very far. There is a unique connection between the two.

The temperature begins to really rise on the group date. It starts out with the most romantic of activities: white water rafting. Whitney, of course, takes the front seat as co-pilot with Chris. After a fun day together, the girls are ready for a little wine and one-on-one time with McFarmer.

Now, remember Jordan from week 2? Of course you remember the drunkie who fell asleep on the sofa at one point and was the laughing stock of the show. Jordan drove all the way from Colorado to make an attempt back into the game. While I certainly commend her and the producers for stirring up some drama, it just did not work. The girls wanted nothing to do with it. Kelsey starts her attitude problem that she had last week and Ashley I. is becoming extremely jealous. In the end, Chris makes the right decision and does not keep Jordan around. Kudos to Chris for his strength and respect of the girls who are still there for him. His actions scream that he is trying to be serious and diligent in his efforts.

Britt, the recipient of the the coveted one-on-one date card, she gave all us viewing public a small gift: a huge hole in her leggings. Where was the black bar to cover that up ABC? After a very romantic hot air balloon ride and some private time in the suite, Britt returns with a rose.

After Britt’s date, Kelsey decides she need a little one-on-one time with Chris to tell him “her story.”  She goes to his room and tells him about her husband who passed away walking to work due to congestive heart failure.  They talk, Chris appears to feel for her, they kiss for a little while, and they go their separate way, Kelsey feeling really good about her chances now that Chris knows her sob story.

So, who went home?  Well, the girls all gather up for the weekly cocktail-and-buh-bye party.  Chris enters, gets emotional, and then walks out, effectively cancelling the rose ceremony.  Kelsey who felt good about her chances after her stolen one-on-one time, now starts to feel worried.  Perhaps a little too worried, as she goes into a panic attack and we see the EMTs show up.  And then, the episode ends with a “to be continued…”

We already know Carly, Britt, and Whitney all have roses. But will this be it for Kelsey? Guess we’ll find out next week!