Bobby Brown Told To Let Go of Bobbi Kristina


Fresh on the heels of news that a source close to Bobbi Kristina‘s family claimed it was only a matter of time, news has broken that Doctors have informed Bobby Brown that there is nothing left they can do for Bobbi Kristina.

According to a new report on TMZ, doctors have advised Brown to “let Bobbi go” and take her off of life support. This is horrible news in general, but even worse knowing that it’s Brown’s birthday.

A family member spoke to People, and claimed that, “”Everyone is coming to the hospital to say goodbye. Bobby has been crying nonstop since yesterday. We are grieving.”

“If you saw her, you’d think she was just sleeping,” a second family member added.

However, the family is continuing to pray, as they detailed that, “It’s sinking in that this is it, but we’re all still praying that God will intervene and heal her body.”

This is horribly tragic. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Houston and Brown families at this time.

In a recent development related to the news, Bobbi Krstina’s friend, Max Lomas, has had his attorney release a statement claiming his past drug charges have nothing to do with Bobbi Kristina’s current state.