Bruce Jenner Does NOT Want Kris Involved With His New Show!

jpg As we have extensively reported, Bruce Jenner is getting ready to transition to a female and is going to be filming a new show documenting his transition.

While ex-wife Kris Jenner has always been in control of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bruce is not letting her have a hand in his new series.

According to an insider who spoke to Radar Online, Bruce is, “making sure that every single shot and every single aspect of the project goes exactly like he wants it to go.”

Since E!, who produces the Kardashian series, is producing Bruce’s project, Kris thinks she will have a say in it; however, according to the source, that is just not the case. They detailed that, “Kris is trying to call the shots, but Bruce is not having it at all. She thinks that she has E! wrapped around her finger and that is not the case.”

Why is Bruce so adamant about Kris not having any control in his newest venture? “Because this project is so sensitive and so close to Bruce’s heart,” the insider explained, “he is going to great lengths to make sure she does not have any say in the docu-series’ outcome.”

Apparently, Bruce is extremely serious about this, as he has threatened to “pull the plug on the entire project” if E! gives into ANYTHING Kris wants at all!

The show, which is currently taping, will explore “everything that has been and will be involved in his full transition and it will answer every question that people have,” according to the insider.

They also informed Radar that the show will not overlap with the current season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as Bruce views that as Kris’s show and does not want any overlap with it.

We recently reported how Jenner’s mother, Esther, confirmed Bruce’s transition to Radar Online.

What do you think about Bruce’s new show? Is he right in giving Kris the boot in terms of having any control? Let us know in the comments!