Breaking News: Kris Jenner Blasts Bruce Jenner!

Kris Jenner apparently blasted ex-husband Bruce Jenner with a drunk phone call this week!

Want details about what it was over?

“Kris called Bruce after 9 p.m., and sounded like she had been drinking,” a source told Radar Online.

“She was slurring her words,” they continued.

Why would she call Bruce and blast him? The source revealed that, “Kris said she’s endured several weeks of negative press about her reaction to Bruce’s big sex change announcement, and she wants him to issue a statement insisting that she has been supportive.

Will Bruce do it? Not according to the insider, who claimed, “Bruce is refusing to do it because Kris has been quite the opposite.”

The source had more to add, still, revealing that, “Kris seems to think Bruce has a secret vendetta against her for being so successful, and that he is attempting to ruin her reputation. This reaction isn’t surprising at all for Bruce, because Kris always makes everything about her. Kris has even instructed her daughter Kylie to not mention Bruce’s name in her house!”

How is Bruce reacting? The source wrapped up with stating that,  “Bruce is just focused on handling making the announcement about the transition in a responsible and thoughtful manner,” said the source. “His sons Brandon and Brody have been a source of tremendous support.”

Bruce’s Mom, Esther, recently confirmed that Bruce is definitely transitioning to a woman.

What do you think about Kris calling Bruce? Is she in the right or wrong? Let us know in the comments!