EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Still Concocting Stories From Prison!


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is allegedly still concocting fabricated stories from prison!

What do we mean?

Yesterday, an article appeared in Star Magazine claiming that “the Gorgas are the reason the Giudices have gone to prison.”

While this seemed extremely suspect to us, we waited to reach out to our sources before drawing any conclusions.

“This is complete BS,” a source close to the Housewives revealed to us exclusively.

Another source piped in, explaining that, “Teresa is STILL trying to sabotage her brother from behind bars. It’s honestly very sad. This story is clearly fabricated by her team.”

The source continued, explaining that, “Teresa is seething with jealousy that the Gorga’s are free while she is behind bars and her husband will soon be in jail as well.”

“In addition,” the source wrapped with telling us, “she is furious over the fact that they may end up on Housewives again without her. Due to this, she is desperate to continue to try to defame them at any cost.”

So who did call the feds/get the attention of the feds which ultimately resulted in the Giudice’s ending up getting sentenced with prison time? You’ll have to check back here Monday for that answer!

We had previously reported on the Giudice’s alleged story selling ring to major magazines.

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