Teresa Giudice Makes Prison BFF!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has made a new best friend while in prison, according to new reports.

As discussed on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, there have been a few updates now that Giudice has spent 39 days in prison.

One is that Giudice has found a new bestie in her cellmate, who goes by the moniker of “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Another update from the prison is that Giudice is having trouble trusting a lot of her fellow inmates. Why? As Williams detailed, she is scared that they will steal her diary- which, according to Williams, she plans to publish when she gets out! It makes sense that if Giudice is indeed keeping a diary she would be scared someone could steal it, as they could sell it to media and make a killing.

In addition, Williams detailed how Giudice has been enjoying getting her hair done by inmates that are of Dominican descent and that she has two new favorite television shows- Empire and The Game.

Williams wrapped up with informing us that Giudice has 363 days left in her sentence as of yesterday.

We previously had reported how Giudice is already looking forward to a spray tan when she leaves jail, and how she’s been apologizing while locked up behind bars.

Tell us- what do you think of the new details that have emerged about Giudice’s prison stint? Are you happy she’s made a friend behind bars? Would you want to read her diary? Let us know in the comments!