Bruce Jenner Involved In MAJOR Car Crash!

Bruce Jenner was involved in a MAJOR car crash today!

The crash, which took place in Malbiu, California, involved eight people. One of the people involved in the serious crash ended up DYING.

According to reports, Jenner was towing his off-road buggy that he owns when the accident happened

A witness told The New York Post that, “He (Bruce) was up walking around, and he returned to his car once he realized the severity of the accident.”

Some reports initially claiming that the crash was caused by paparazzi chasing Jenner, due to his upcoming transition to a woman that his mother recently confirmed; however, new details are emerging that claim the paparazzi were not chasing him, but rather following him.

We will keep you posted as new details continue to emerge.

Update: Jenner may have allegedly been text messaging upon getting involved in the accident.