Bruce Jenner’s Daughters To Help Style Him!


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Bruce Jenner is getting ready to transition to a woman and his daughters are allegedly going to help style him.

Want details?

A source close to the Kardashians spoke to Radar Online.

“Bruce has been very subtle in already switching his wardrobe over to female attire,”the source claimed.

They explained that, “He has been wearing very gender-neutral clothing lately, that could either be worn by a male or female.”

However, as Jenner begins to fully transition into his womanhood, he is going to be getting more of a female wardrobe.

What will he dress in?

The insider explained, “Bruce is going to be a very sophisticated and classy woman, but will not be seen in flowing gowns. He is going to be more of a pantsuit kind of lady and his daughters are going to make sure of it.”

As mentioned above, his daughters will be styling him. The source detailed that, “He is pretty much going to be styled by his daughters and they all have their own idea of how they want him to dress. They want to play an active role in their father’s transition and the fact that they own a clothing empire makes things that much easier.”

Although his daughters may be helping him, it doesn’t seem like his ex-wife will be of any help, as she recently blasted him in a drunk phone call. She allegedly is worried that his transition will ruin the Kardashian image.

What do you think about Jenner’s daughters helping to style him? We personally think it’s great, as it shows how supportive they are being.

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